Mitiska was founded in 1990 and has a strong track record, mainly in retail and related real estate sectors

Based on previous investments in retail (Carpetland, Pizzaland, New Vanden Borre, Heytens), Mitiska was set up in 1990 as a holding for the founders to diversify its retail basis.

Over the last 20 years, Mitiska has been an active partner in more than 30 participations such as Brantano, AS Adventure, Proxis/Club, etc. But Mitiska has also successfully invested in several non-retail companies.

Besides investment in retail companies, Mitiska has built up considerable expertise in retail-related real estate development. As a result of experience gained in the development of several retail companies, Mitiska has a good understanding of retailers’ needs. This expertise was of direct benefit to the various Mitiska shareholdings and was the founding basis for the property investment fund "REIT" Retail Estates, which was listed in 1998.

In recent years, Mitiska has also successfully co-developed and exited significant real estate portfolios related to its participations:

  • Carpetland - Total value approx. Eur 27 m - Belgium/Netherlands
  • Brantano - Total value approx. Eur 35 m - Belgium
  • Cap Nord (Mondial Moquette) - Total value approx. Eur 23 m - France
  • Fun - Total value approx. Eur 15 m - Belgium

The management of Mitiska has been involved in 4 successful IPOs: Brantano (1990); Innogenetics (1996), Retail Estates (1998) and Mitiska (1999). Mitiska was delisted in 2009.

Mitiska has recently been instrumental in setting up and participating in several private equity funds such as Vendis Capital and First Retail International, backed up by blue chip national and international institutional investors and family offices.