Apart from its investment activities, Mitiska is dedicated to the development of social values, sustainable employment and the encouragement of entrepreneurship

Mitiska takes pride of having contributed to the creation of around 10,000 jobs in the course of its investment activities.

We also support areas outside our traditional business. The management of Mitiska was instrumental in the creation of NFTE (Network for Training Entrepreneurship) into Belgium alongside other Belgian entrepreneurs. The management of Mitiska still is an active member of its board. NFTE has recently changed its name in YouthStart Belgium. Since its inception, YouthStart Belgium has trained more than 4,300 underprivileged young people. The success of the impact of a YouthStart training on young people has been proven by numerous scientific researches.

YouthStart: Empowering young people through entrepreneurial attitude

YouthStart aims to stimulate young disadvantaged or low-income people through entrepreneurship education and the development of their hidden talents and potential. This helps them to broaden their social and professional assertiveness in society. A no-nonsense approach and a practice-based transfer of knowledge allow them to discover the power of autonomous entrepreneurship. At the same time, YouthStart prepares the young people for an active, enterprising role in their own lives.

For more information, please consult the site www.youthstart.be.