Nanocyl is the leading global manufacturer of specialty and industrial Carbon Nanotubes Technologies (CNTs).

Nanocyl helps its customers to successfully nano-engineer their future with value-added products, industry-leading R&D, advanced production capabilities and world-class technical support.

Nanocyl focuses its technology and expertise on the practical application of carbon nanotubes. They integrate carbon nanotubes into new and existing materials, resulting in the improved performance of polymers, metals, composites and biomaterials.

They offer a host of high-performance, carbon nanotubes-based products which go beyond their customers’ expectations.  They produce, for example, synthetic materials and manufacture equipment for the automotive and electronic industries. Moreover, they are developing tailor-made solutions for the aeronautic, construction, sports and marine industries.

Mitiska shareholding: less than 10% 

Investment year: 2002