The Brantano group is active in the retail sector, selling ladies', men's and children's shoes, sports and leisure shoes and accessories.

Mitiska shareholding: 41%

Investment year: 1990

Growth 1990 - 2007:
Shops: from 20 (B) to 286 (B & UK)
Sales: from Eur 36 m (1994) to Eur 312 m

Divestment year: 2007

Key events:

1990 - 1997Expansion in Belgium to 103 stores
1997IPO on Euronext Brussels
1997International expansion with the acquisition of 47 stores in the United Kingdom
1997 - 2002Expansion in the UK and in Belgium. Entry into the Netherlands and Denmark
2004 - 2005Activities in the Netherlands and Denmark are discontinued
2006 - 2007Sale of real estate and margin improvement in Belgium

In 2007, Mitiska sold its participation in Brantano to Macintosh Retail Group within the framework of a public bid.