Eden Chocolates was founded in 2007 with the aim of marketing a modern luxury chocolate made by Belgian master chocolate confectioners in the emerging Chinese market. The modern production plant of Suzhou (China) is fully dedicated to the Chinese market.

In China, Eden Chocolates was the first brand to bring a premium dark 100%-cocoa butter chocolate to the mass market at affordable prices. Senz is the first exclusively dark chocolate brand in China. In order to accelerate the route to market, Eden Chocolates works with tier-1 partners, including the nearby Barry Callebaut. Senz is distributed to more than 2600 retail stores in China by Sims distribution, a company of the Hong Kong stock exchange-listed DCH holding.

Eden Chocolates also became very active in the production of Disney chocolate products. The company is supplying major retailers around the world with Disney and Senz products.

Mitiska shareholding: circa 5%

Investment year: 2011

Divestment year: 2016