Mitiska has over 20 years' experience in European retail real estate and more specifically in the retail warehousing niche market

Some key figures illustrate Mitiska's expertise in retail real estate:

  • > 20 years experience in European retail and retail real estate
  • approx. 152,000 m² retail warehouse space developed, managed and sold
  • approx. Eur 149 m retail warehouse space developed, managed and sold

Previously, Mitiska’s real estate activities were focused on the expansion of its portfolio companies (Brantano, Carpetland, Mondial Moquette, etc.).

Since its delisting in 2009, Mitiska decided to enlarge its strategic investment focus to retail real estate as one of its principal investment activities.

As from 2012, all new retail real estate projects are channeled through FRI (First Retail International) and FRI2. Mitiska, through its subsidiary Mitiska Reim, is co-managing both funds.

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